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AVG is a leading contender in antivirus software providing companies. Quite experienced in the trade AVG has been performing good and stable in the competitive domain of providing antivirus solutions. With a user base of more than 200million user base it has a big following and hence the credibility is verified by the general user.

AVG ranks better on many standards by adding various features like manual and scheduled AV scans and Link Scanner to check the browser to avoid shady sites on the internet which are available in plenty. It works quite well in checking the apps which are floated on the internet with the sole purpose of stealing personal details of the user and also provides protection from email attachments carrying infected files by scanning them while downloading and warns against the same.

The commercial pro versions also contain features like firewall, spam filters and data safe features which provide an extra security to the user. The PC Analyzer of AVG checks upon the junk files, fragmentation, broken Web Shortcuts and the registry of the system.

Unlike other antivirus found in plenty on the internet having obscure privacy policy hiding too many things rather than revealing AVG has taken a bold and reformative step by announcing to the users that it does share some of the personal information of the user. This is a brave step in a profit driven market which has a great fear of being truthful to the customer.

AVG has a great user interface for the new users too who are not too much into handling antivirus functioning. This proves as a great help as much time and effort is not wasted in understanding the operation of the antivirus software and it can be handled easily otherwise everyone knows how disabling the protection by mistake can hamper one’s security over internet which is full of websites ready to jump upon the personal and commercial data of user along with banking details.

AVG is easy to download, install and operate but still if any problem is faced, the user can take the help of AVG support number and remain safe from such threats. Features like anti-rootkit, anti-spyware/adware, malware protection, etc. facilitate everyone to keep the PC clean and browsing experience hassle free which is a great help.

AVG antivirus also comes with a unique feature of File shredder which helps in deleting the file permanently and clear up the computer by freeing the disk space which is usually not possible by putting the files in the recycle bin. ID theft protection and Data protection are two other gems in the kitty of AVG antivirus software. These are especially very useful for the people who do too much of banking operations over internet or make frequent merchant payments by using their credit or debit card. However, it is important to keep the antivirus software updated because if the antivirus definitions are not updated daily then the system remains prone to various virus attacks and preying eyes of the cybercriminals bent upon stealing your information. Whenever, the software shows any sign of problem it is highly recommended to update the software either yourself or if it isn’t possible due to technical issues then by taking the help of AVG antivirus support for added protection.

Recent results have shown that AVG was able to detect 98 percent Zero day threats which in itself is a commendable protection. All the user needs to do is keep the software updated and in functioning mode. If it isn’t functioning well it’s always advisable to take the help of experts at AVG support number for that extra added protection and browse trouble free.




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